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The next generation of UTI testing

Molecular Diagnostics- Real-Time PCR testing

PCR molecular testing is the next step in UTI testing. Unlike urine culture, PCR testing reveals the specific type(s) of pathogens causing infection and is able to detect antibiotic resistance. This leads to improved patient outcomes through rapid, accurate diagnosis and identification of the right antibiotic for treatment.

Culture vs. PCR (split into two columns with side by side comparisons)


  • Inaccurate
    • Misses up to 67% of all UTI-positive patients
    • Detects organisms in only 4% of all cases
    • Antibiotics may mask positive results
  • Inefficient
    • Average 3-5 days for results


  • Improved accuracy
    • 3x-5x greater sensitivity than conventional urine culture
    • Detects antibiotic resistance genes unaffected by concurrent antibiotic use
  • Rapid detection
    • Biochemical analysis within hours
    • Results within 12-24 hours of receiving patient sample
  • Identification of specific bacterial and fungal targets
    • Eliminating the need for time consuming follow up testing

Frequently Asked Questions

Will AIM Laboratories bill my insurance?

Yes, if your physician has requested it and the appropriate information has been submitted to our billing department, we will bill your insurer.

Will I receive a bill from AIM Laboratories?

Depending on your insurance coverage – you may receive a bill from us. If you do not have insurance coverage, you may also receive a bill from us.

How much of the claim will my insurance company pay and how much will I be billed?

Insurer payment and coverage can vary. The amount you will be billed by AIM Laboratories will depend on your insurance plan’s coverage. We will only bill you for appropriate deductibles and co-pays as specified by your insurer.

What methods of payment does AIM Laboratories accept?

AIM Laboratories offers a variety of payment options. Payments may be made with MasterCard, VISA, American Express, Discover Card, personal check or money order. When needed, we can provide payment arrangements.

Who do I contact if I have questions about my bill?

Our helpful customer service specialists will answer any questions you may have about your bill and will work with you and your insurer as needed.