Toxicology Testing

AIM Laboratories Toxicology Overview

AIM Laboratories provides reliable drug testing and help providers mitigate the risk of drug abuse and diversion, and protects their patients who legitimately need controlled medications.

AIM Laboratories is locally owned and operated and our certified, seasoned staff ensure that we are extremely responsive to the special needs of each individual practice. With AIM Laboratories, you can count on:

Current general morbidity and mortality data confirms the problem of misuse, and recreational abuse of prescription drugs in America. According to a recent review on drug abuse from the White House: “…prescription drug abuse now outpaces both heroin and cocaine combined…”


The majority of patients in a clinical practice who benefit from scheduled medications as a part of their treatment plan are not “Doctor shoppers and drug addicts”. At AIM Laboratories, we understand the physician/patient relationship, and that many your patients have a long standing, trusting and loyal relationship with you and your practice.

Peace of Mind

We at AIM Laboratories identify with the day-to-day practice challenges you face, including those surrounding the use and management of scheduled medications. We are vigilant in providing quality, timely, and legally defensible confirmation reports, protecting you and your patients by identifying areas of potential prescription risk. Our test will identify those patients who:

The Patient Perspective

We approach drug testing without assumptions, but rather with the perspective that testing protects legitimate access to treatment.

While drug testing has become a standard of medical care, the financial burden for testing can be significant, especially for patients who might be uninsured, have limited coverage, or have limited financial resources for medical services.

AIM Laboratories bills responsibly, and our charge rates are highly competitive. Our testing menu boasts over 80 analytes options, with some of the lowest cutoffs in the industry. We offer you the ability to design a reliable and effective custom test panel that avoids costly unnecessary testing. Please contact AIM Laboratories for more information on policies and charge rates.

Toxicology Testing Platform

AIM Laboratories utilizes some of the most advanced Ultra High Performance Liquid Chromatography (UHPLC) instrumentation in the industry. These technical capabilities broaden testing options critical to addressing the specific needs of our clients, and especially important to practices who are attempting to avoid the excessive and costly “confirm everything” testing platforms commonly offered as the only choice in the drug confirmation industry. Our vision is to provide peace-of-mind to our clients by mitigating prescribing risks and helping preserve patient quality of life.


The Waters Acuity UltraPerformance Convergence Chromatogrphy, UPC2, provides both high sensitivity and shorter cycle times. This enables AIM Laboratories to provide our practice clients with a robust range of testing options, reliable test results and improved turnaround time compared to industry standards. We’d love to have you visit! Call us to see our operation.

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